To grow anything requires patience. To grow in Christian faith takes the Spirit’s initiative and our intention. Do you want to grow spiritually? If you do, you are in the right place. From now until year’s end, I want to invite you to join me in reading and discussing the scriptures together, here in this space. Here’s how we will do it.

Each day we will read together from The Upper Room Disciplines 2017, a book of daily scripture readings and devotions. You can purchase this in print or as an ebook here: http://bookstore.upperroom.org/Products/1551/the-upper-room-disciplines-2017.aspx

By Thursday evening of each week (beginning the first week of September), I will post a reflection and conversation starter.  You are invited to respond by sharing your insights, stories, and questions in the comment section below the post. My hope is that a true conversation will be sparked and we will build a Christian learning community together. But this won’t be just any community. My dream is that we will be a community focused on God’s dreams for all human beings and for the earth. We will be a community growing every day in justice, mercy, and hope.

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  1. Sarah, I’m part of FUMC and am feeling bad that I’m just now getting to this. I love a study, and I think on line will work best for the time being, so this is perfect! I use the Upper Room devotions each day, but I’m getting the notion that I will need something more specific from UR for this. Right? Wrong? 🙂 – Susan S.


    1. Susan, you aren’t late at all! We are just getting this started and folks can join at any time. Yes, you will need an actual devotional book called “Disciplines” for the 2017 year. It is published by Upper Room but it is not the devotional called “The Upper Room.” Follow the link on the post and you will see how to purchase it. I’m so glad you are joining in!


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