Brave and Beautiful Prayer

Exodus 33: 12-23

“Moses said, ‘Show me your glory, I pray.'”

With time Moses grew stronger. It may have been the trials of leadership that toughened him or perhaps it was the hours on the mountain with God. Then again, maybe Moses simply had nothing to lose on the other side of the golden calf debacle. It was now or never to make things right for the people of Israel.

Moses chose bold action. He chose brave conversation. He chose to ask for what he wanted more than anything else for himself and for the people: God’s unwavering presence. And when the Lord said yes, Moses didn’t stop there. He prayed for even more: “Show me your glory.”

When was the last time you prayed, really prayed, for something truly significant? Not a “going through the motions” prayer, not a prayer of habit or half your heart or little consequence, but a prayer as if you really believed the Lord of heaven and earth were listening and might just grant you what you ask?

It takes guts to pray like that. We aren’t always up for it.

What if God is real?

Why do we hesitate to bring our deepest desires to God? Is it fear of disappointment? Fear of being truly known? Or is it life on spiritual autopilot where we just aren’t engaging very deeply with God at all? We say we believe with our lips, but our hearts are elsewhere. What we can see and hear and touch shouts loudly in our ears and our faith in God slips quietly into the background. We become Christians in name and atheists in practice.  Without even realizing we are doing it, we act as if God isn’t real.

But what if God is real? What if God is listening? What if God has the power to respond to our prayers and might just say yes to what we ask? What would we ask from God today?

Moses asked to see God’s glory. That is a brave and beautiful prayer!

Lord, teach us to pray like Moses.




4 thoughts on “Brave and Beautiful Prayer

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  1. It takes more than once for God to bring us to our knees or flat on our faces for us to learn how to pray like that earnestly. It’s the pruning, the humbling, the watering, the steadfastness, the faithfulness, the believing, the knowing, the understanding, the trusting, the hoping, the peace, the patience, the love, and on and on and on until we have finally become one with Him, closer with Him, and know Him. That is relationship.


  2. Why is it that we seem to go to God only for the” big stuff”? I think He wants to hear from us everyday for everything. This post reminded me of that. I know that this isn’t a very profound statement, but it’s the first thought that came to my mind.


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