The End of Charity Detox

"Can we really move the poverty needle? More fundamentally, do we really want to see the poor of our world thrive? Some folks are not too sure." Robert Lupton in the Conclusion to Charity Detox Bringing It Home Robert Lupton's book Charity Detox has been a fruitful read for our passionate crew gathered at Manhattan First... Continue Reading →

The Three R’s of Community Development

"And then it dawned on me. This church was operating out of a personal-salvation, church-centric theology. No wonder the community hadn't been impacted by these new neighbors! Their primary strategy was to invite the 'locals' to church, where they could hear and receive the gospel message, engage in good biblical learning, and be nurtured in... Continue Reading →

Reciprocal Exchange

"Leaders must at least take an honest look at the outcomes of the congregation's charity. Is there really unintended harm being done?" Robert Lupton in Charity Detox Chapter Six No such thing as a free lunch? Shaping ministry around forms of exchange rather than free goods or services, Robert Lupton argues, is healthier and preferable... Continue Reading →

Meeting Market Demands

"Adapting one's mission to the priorities of the poor is key to redemptive service."  - Robert Lupton in Charity Detox Chapter Five The Blame Game I believe American Christians are as good-hearted as any people anywhere.  It is this belief that keeps me in the game, choosing to work with the church to serve others.... Continue Reading →

Return on Investment

"The most readily measurable return on investment for charitable giving comes down to a simple question - activities or outcomes?" - Robert Lupton in Charity Detox Chapter Four Who do we serve? Recently I asked our church staff to work out an answer to this question: "Who do we serve?" The discussion that followed was... Continue Reading →

Social Entrepreneurs

"This is the time when the church can begin to see itself as more than just a purveyor of compassionate service, but also as a catalyst of just and fruitful economies. My hope is that this movement will become a turning point: that the wealthiest church in history will awaken to the reality that its... Continue Reading →

Partnering with Business

"As the ancient Hebrew Talmud states, the highest form of charity is to anonymously provide a man or a woman employment; the lowest is to directly offer him or her aid. Perhaps, then, it is time to revisit our wealth-disparaging theologies and reintroduce a righteous respect for the God-ordained capacity for wealth creation." - Robert... Continue Reading →

Charity Detox in Ten Weeks?

Last Wednesday we kicked off a book study at First United Methodist Church on Robert Lupton's latest book Charity Detox: What Charity Would Look Like if We Cared About Results. Today the creative juices stirred, urging me to take this conversation to the streets of the internet. So here is my proposal for you: ten weeks... Continue Reading →

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